Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a group of people whose specific role is “investigating and weighing matters relating to pastoral activity and proposing practical conclusions about them” (Canon 619). The Council members assist the Parish Priest to understand his people more. Members contribute by thoroughly studying and reflecting on pastoral
problems and by recommending practical solutions. They bring the practical wisdom of parishioners, which is different from the expert opinion of the diocesan/parish staff.
Our Parish Pastoral Councils meet every 2 months and liaise with other ministries within our community.

Singleton Parish Pastoral Council

  • Niamh Marzol - Chairperson
  • Albert Standing
  • Chris King
  • Christina Metlikovec
  • Aaron Campbell
  • Maureen March
  • Helen Rapp

Branxton Parish Pastoral Council

  • Craig Trunk - Chairperson
  • Des Thomas
  • Lydia Gorczyca
  • Stephanie Trunk
  • Kellie Heggart
  • Sallyanne Stanbridge
  • Amie Ward

Parish Finance Council

The Finance Council is made up of parishioners belonging to the one community. They work together with the Parish Priest and the parish community for the good of the parish. The role of the Finance Council is to advise the Parish Priest on any financial policies for the Parish and to advise the parishioners of the financial situation of the parish on a regular basis.

Singleton Finance Council

  • Braham Tindale
  • Maree Hall
  • Felicity Pearce
  • John Flannery
  • Maryanne Finder
  • Daniel Brooker

Branxton Finance Council

  • Brendan Bailey
  • Joy Clarke
  • Gail Jacobs
  • John Partridge
  • Ernie Bendeich
  • Alan Humphreys

Parish Ministries

  • Rite of Christian initiation of Infants
  • Sacramental Team
  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
  • St Patrick’s Playgroup
  • Prayer Chain
  • Santo Nino Association of St Patrick’s
  • Small Reflection Group
  • Ministry of Care Team
  • Liturgy Team
  • Ministers of the Altar
  • Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick
  • St Patrick’s Parish Debutante Ball Committee
  • Glendonbrook Church
  • Broke Church
  • Legion of Mary
  • Caritas
  • St Vincent de Paul Society

Please ring the Parish Office for contact details of these Teams.

Phone no: 02 6572 1824 / 02 6578 9650